On the basis of an agreement signed by the three Rectors of the Universities of Florence, Frankfurt and Utrecht in 2001, the PhD title that students obtain at the end of the program is considered equivalent to that obtained at the Bijvoet Center for Biomolecular Research of the Utrecht University and to the PhD in Chemistry and Biochemistry from the University of Frankfurt.

The doctorate is run at CERM, core center of the European infrastructure of integrated structural biology (INSTRUCT-ERIC). Since 1994, CERM is participing in European projects as a research infrastructure providing transnational access to NMR instrumentation for cutting-edge research on competitive projects, and also as an information technology infrastructure for bioinformatics. CERM researchers are partners in numerous European research programs in the field of structural biology, bioinformatics and metabolomics (https://talos.cerm.unifi.it/newcerm/research/projects-and-grants). The participation in a wide range of international research projects and the presence of numerous researchers who visit CERM as users of the infrastructure make the laboratory extremely stimulating for the development of new ideas and offers enormous possibilities for interactions between PhD students and world-class researchers.


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