Acknowledgements in publications

It is known that it is of utmost importance to acknowledge the programs and financing that made possible the research of the various publications.

It is important to mention CERM/CIRMMP center, here a couple of examples:

"The authors acknowledge the support and the use of resources of Instruct-ERIC, a Landmark ESFRI project, and specifically the CERM/CIRMMP Italy Centre"

"The authors acknowledge the support by the Italian Ministry for University and Research (FOE funding) to the CERM/CIRMMP Italian Centre of Instruct-ERIC, a landmark ESFRI project."


But it is also important to mention the specific projects.

e.g., "The authors acknowledge the iNEXT-Discovery, project number 871037, funded by the Horizon 2020 program of the European Commission"

The list of the active projects is here