Instruct-ing Structural Biologists Towards Integration
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Premio Tartufari
Prof. Lucia Banci receives the International Award “Prof. Luigi Tartufari”
Chianti Workshop
"Opening New Doors for Magnetic Resonance" 19-24 June 2022
Borse di dottorato in Structural Biology
PhD scholarships in Structural Biology The Magnetic Resonance Center of the University of Florence is looking for graduates interested in research in the field of NMR applied to biological molecules by providing PhD scholarships in Structural Biology.
CERM/CIRMMP is the Italian centre of the European Instruct-ERIC infrastructure
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A few words about friends and colleagues who left us
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A list of future conferences that may be of interest
Friday, June 17 th , 2022 at 2:00 pm Valentina Monaci
Dr. Maria-Grazia Concilio " J-driven Dynamics Nuclear Polarization: A proposal to enhance NMR sensitivity in solution state" July 28, 2022 at 12.00
Instruct-ing Structural Biologists Towards Integration 18-21 July 2022

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