iNext Discovery - Open event
Agrifood Research & Innovation:
Exploring the Role of Structural Biology
ROME, 6 MAY 10:00-18:00
How structural biology can support the agrifood sector?

The EU project iNEXT-Discovery enables access to structural biology research infrastructures for all European researchers to enable and facilitate transnational research and discovery, including non-experts in structural biology.
Structural Biology technologies can be applied in a variety of research field. This event focuses specifically to the Agrifood with the aim to present the opportunities provided by Structural Biology in this field. To this end this event gather together representative of the scientific community and relevant stakeholders from both the academic and the industry, to present and discuss
the application of structural biology in this field, share the points of view and main needs of food businesses, from primary production to food and drink industry. The event aims at creating a bridge between Structural Biology platforms and the research food community at large, providing opportunities for inter-sectoral research collaborations and supporting translational research
relevant for health, biotechnology, biomaterials, and food science.