Walker Pierattelli WWMR2010                                                                                               Prof. Walker and Prof. Pierattelli in 2010 in Florence

We Cermians are deeply saddened by the loss of F. Ann Walker, an excellent scientist and a very dear friend to many of us. Since the early times of the NMR of paramagnetic molecules in the seventies, Ann shared with us the enthusiasm and the drive to understand all the intricacies of the electron-nucleus interactions. We had in common with Ann a strong interest in the behavior of paramagnetic hemes, which later evolved into the more challenging interest in heme proteins and in their structure-function relationships.
Over the years we have spent many pleasurable moments with Ann at conferences (among which the famous Chianti Workshops), during visits to her lab in Arizona, and visits by Ann in Florence, which also resulted in a few joint papers.
Ann had also a very lively and pleasant personality, so common scientific interests and true friendship really grew together. All of us who had the pleasure to know her will miss her immensely!
30 January 2022