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University of Florence

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50019 Sesto Fiorentino, (FI) -Italy

Tel: +39 055 4574267
e-mail: andreini[at] ; claudia.andreini[at]

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Claudia Andreini, born in 1977, graduated in Chemistry in 2002 (110/110 cum laude), and received his PhD in Chemistry in 2006 at the University of Florence.
She has always carried out her research activity in the field of computational biology, focusing on the study and characterization of metal-containing biological systems, and of metalloproteins in particular. She pioneered the use of bioinformatics to study metalloproteins and she is the main developer of MetalPDB ( She is partner in several international collaborations and participated to numerous international conferences as invited speaker.

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Metalloproteins; Bioinformatics; Biological Databases; Bioinorganic chemistry; Predicitive Tools; Computational biolog.


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