Shimon Vega                                                                                              

CERM joins the international magnetic resonance community in mourning the loss of Shimon Vega. 

It is simply impossible to frame all of his contributions to our field, from NMR of paramagnetic solids through quadrupolar NMR, 1H MAS line-narrowing and all the way to DNP. 
His work on fictitious-spin-1/2-operators formalism for treating the evolution of magnetization under the variety of NMR experiments has laid the grounds for a countless number of new experiments being devised ( 
His contribution to solid-state NMR underlies almost all experiments that are now routine, and we surely wil continue to acknowledge his legacy again and again in the future. His papers are so clearly explained that they form the grounds for the teaching material in virtually every course in solid-state NMR all across the world.
Besides his scientific accomplishments, Shimon was a good friend, a wonderful host, and a gifted teacher. We wish to recall his proverbial intellectual depth through the words of Asher Schmidt and Lucio Frydman ( 
It goes without saying that the whole community will miss Shimon immensely.