JACS 2016

A joint structural refinement against NMR data and X-ray diffraction patterns offers unique opportunities to detect differences in the conformation of biomolecules between the solution and the crystal states. Read More


An integrated approach which combines in-cell NMR spectroscopy with optical and X-ray fluorescence microscopy was developed to describe the intracellular maturation state of human Cu,Zn-SOD1.  Read More

NCB N terminal

Structural and biophysical evidences define the early steps of iron-sulfur protein maturation in the cytosol, demonstrating that  glutaredoxin-3 passes [2Fe-2S] clusters to anamorsin during a protein-protein interaction mediated by their N-terminal domains.  Read More 

nature chemistry

Dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) in liquid solutions can enhance 13C NMR signals at magnetic fields of 3 T and room temperature up to three orders of magnitude. Read More  Highlighted in Angewandte Chemie

CERM research on covers

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cover J Phys Chem lr  
High relaxivity Gd(III)-DNA gold nanostars: investigation of shape effects on proton relaxation, ACS nano, 9, 3385–3396, 2015 Exploring regions of conformational space occupied by two-domain proteins, J.Phys.Chem.B, 118, 10576-10587, 2014  

Celiac Disease Study Links

Some links to articles regarding the study supporting a gluten-free diet in potential celiac disease patients can be found here below: