Brought to you by the Interuniversity Consortium for Magnetic Resonance (CIRMMP) and the Scientific Campus of the University of Florence

CIRMMP, in close collaboration with the Magnetic Resonance Center (CERM) at the University of Florence, is pleased to put its commercial Research InduStructureat your disposal, where the outputs of the research infrastructure are industrialized to provide products and services to the scientific community.

Our team of scientists and customer service representatives can provide you with cost-effective and tailored solutions to help you advance your research. All of our products and services are of the highest quality and well-tested, as they are based on the results of the institution’s own activities.

Some highlights from our catalog are provided below, and we can provide you with a full list upon request. Plus, if you don’t see something you need, just ask – we love a challenge, and would be happy to work with you to meet your needs!

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« Protein standards for NMR, properly labeled

o Solution NMR

§ Calbindin-D9k

§ Maltose binding protein

§ Ubiquitin

§ Ubiquitin His tagged

o Solid state NMR

§ GB1 protein

« Other isotopically enriched proteins

o 2H, 13C and 15N labeled for NMR

« Recombinant proteins (all can be produced with stable isotopes)

o Matrix metalloproteinases

o Copper proteins

o Heme proteins

o Amyloid proteins

o Ureases

o Apoptosis proteins

o Synuclein

o Mitochondrial proteins

o Superoxide dismutase 1

o Calcium proteins

o Anhydrases

o Receptors

o Phosphatases

o Other proteins

« Antibodies

o Polyclonal and monoclonal

« Peptides, organic compounds, glycoproteins, and products for molecular biology




« Customized production and synthesis of:

o Proteins

o Peptides

o Antibodies

o Organic compounds

« NMR services

o Making use of a complete battery of NMR instrumentation (solution and solid state) ranging from 400 to 900 MHz instruments with a variety of probes to meet the most disparate experimental conditions

Products & Services