Dr. Paola Turano
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Center for Magnetic Resonance
University of Florence
Via L. Sacconi 6
50019 Sesto Fiorentino, (FI) - Italy

Tel: +39 055 4574266 - Fax: +39 055 4574923

E-mail: turanotomtecerm.unifi.it


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PAOLA TURANO received her Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences at the University of Florence in 1993. She became researcher in Chemistry at the Faculty of Sciences (University of Florence) in 1997, and became Associate Professor of General and Inorganic Chemistry in 2002.

Her main research interests are NMR of paramagnetic molecules, structure-function relationships in metalloproteins, and structural biology. Within this frame she has studied several peroxidases and cytochromes. She has focused her studies on peroxidases on the structural characterization of the active site of these enzymes and on the comprehension of the interactions with their substrates. She has determined the solution structure of several cytochromes in different oxidation states pointing out small but meaningful conformational differences between the two redox forms, which could be relevant for the ET process. She has used NMR to define conformation and dynamics of folded, partially folded and unfolded proteins. She has characterization of the role of the metal ion in folding/unfolding processes of metalloproteins and in the assembly of metal cofactors. Recently she has addressed the combined use of solution and solid state NMR for the characterization of high molecular weight systems. Protein-ligand and protein-protein interactions as well as metabolomics represent further fields of interest. The election technique for her studies has always been NMR and she has contributed to the optimization of the NMR experiments for the detection of the resonances close to the paramagnetic center and to the development of protocols to include paramagnetic-based NMR constraints in structure calculation algorithms. These paramagnetic-based constraints originate from the electronic properties of the paramagnetic metal ion and constitute a valid support to gain information on structural and dynamic features of metal-containing molecules.

Paola Turano has been invited to give talks to many National and International meetings. She has organized a number of International and National conferences and schools. She has received the “Raffaello Nasini Medal 2003” of the Inorganic Chemistry Division of the Italian Chemical Society. Paola Turano is author of about 80 publications in peer reviewed international journals.  


Selected recent publications

Bertini I, Lalli D, Mangani S, Pozzi C, Rosa C, Theil  EC, and Turano P,. Structural insights into the ferroxidase site of ferritins from higher eukaryotes. J Am Chem Soc. 134, 6169, 2012

Bertini I, Cacciatore S, Jensen BV, Schou JV, Johansen JS, Kruhøffer M, Luchinat C, Nielsen DL, and Turano P. Metabolomic NMR fingerprinting to identify and predict survival of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer. Cancer Research, 72, 356-364, 2012

Bertini, I., Luchinat, C., Parigi, G., Ravera, E., Reif, B., and Turano, P., Solid-state NMR of proteins sedimented by ultracentrifugation, Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.USA, 108: 10396-10399, 2011

Turano P, Lalli D, Felli IC, Theil EC and Bertini I. NMR reveals a pathway for iron mineral precursors to the central cavity of ferritin. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 107: 545-550, 2010

Caillet-Saguy C, Piccioli M, Turano P, Izadi-Pruneyre N, Delepierre M, Bertini I, Lecroisey A. Mapping the interaction between the hemophore HasA and its outer membrane receptor HasR using CRINEPT-TROSY NMR spectroscopy. J Am Chem Soc. 131, 1736-1744, 2009