Dr. Claudio Luchinat
Professor of Chemistry
Magnetic Resonance Center
and Department of Chemistry
University of Florence
Via L. Sacconi 6
50019 Sesto Fiorentino, (FI) - Italy

Tel: +39 055 4574296 - Fax: +39 055 4574923



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Claudio Luchinat, born in 1952, Doctor in Chemistry cum laude at the University of Florence, Researcher at the University of Florence, full professor of Chemistry at the University of Bologna (1986-96) and Florence (1996-, CERM and Department of Chemistry). Raffaello Nasini gold medal of the Italian Chemical Society, 1989; Federchimica award, 1994; European Medal for Biological Inorganic Chemistry, 1996; "GDRM gold medal for magnetic resonance", 2001. Author of more than 600 publications in Bioinorganic Chemistry, NMR and Structural Biology, and of four books.

Selected recent publications

Liu, G., Levien, M., Karschin, N., Parigi, G., Luchinat, C., and Bennati, M., One-thousand fold enhancement of high field liquid nuclear-magnetic resonance signals at room temperature, Nat.Chem., 9, 676-680, 2017.


Takis, PG; Schaefer,H.; Spraul, M.; Luchinat,C.; Deconvoluting interrelationships between concentrations and chemical shifts in urine provides a powerful analysis tool Nat.Comm., doi:10.1038/ s41467-017-01587-0, 1662, 2017.


Giuntini, S., Balducci, E., Cerofolini, L., Ravera, E., Fragai, M., and Berti, F., Luchinat,C., Characterization of conjugation pattern in large polysaccaride-protein conjugates by NMR, Angewandte Chemie, 56, 14997-15001, 2017.


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