Upcoming Events at CERM

Thursday, November 2nd 2017 at 6.00 p.m
Magnetic Resonance Center - CERM Conference Room

Ray Owens

Professor of Molecular Biology
University of Oxford

“Structural proteomics: development of an integrated pipeline from genes to crystals"

Monday, November 6th 2017 at 6.00 p.m
Magnetic Resonance Center - CERM Conference Room

Taras V. Pogorelov

Dept. of Chemistry, Biophysics and Quantitative Biology
Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology
National Center for Supercomputing Applications
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


“Membrane-associated phenomena: capturing dynamic structures in complex environments"


Adv course feb2018

Group Meetings & Journal Clubs

Year 2018 Schedule 
10/01 Spyridon Gourdopis  02/05 Veronica Ghini 12/09 Francesca Camponeschi
24/01 Gaia Meoni  09/05 Nihar Prusty 19/09 Maxime Denis
31/01 Panteleimon Takis 23/05 Dafne Suraci 26/09 Vincenzo Maione
07/02 Panagis Polykretis    06/06 Silvia Ciambellotti  03/10 Lucia Gigli 
28/02 Eriberto Noel Natali 13/06 Maria Grazia Murrali 10/10 Letizia Barbieri 
07/03 Giovanni Bellomo 27/06 Sara Bologna 31/10 Veronica Nasta
21/03 Federica Bianchi  04/07 Valeria Putignano 14/11 Vignoli
28/03 Alessio Bonucci 11/07 Enrico Luchinat 28/11 Linda Cerofolini
04/04 Matteo Cremonini 18/07 David Sala 05/12 Maria Grazie Murrali
18/04 Cristina Licari 05/09 Stefano Giuntini  
Journal Clubs 2018 Schedule 

17/01 - D. Sala, S. Giuntini

14/02 - S. Bologna, V. Putignano

14/03 - S. Gourdopis, L. Gigli

11/04 - P. Polykretis, G. Bellomo

16/05 - G. Meoni, E.N. Natali

20/06 - F. Bianchi, M. Denis

07/11 - C. Licari, N. Prusty

21/11 - M. Cremonini, D. Suraci

Wednesday, July 12th at 6.00 pm -  CERM Conference Room

Veronica Nasta

From Iron and Cysteine to Iron-Sulfur Clusters and their
transfer to recipient proteins

 Immagine Nasta

Bertini award

A Biennial Award, funded by Bruker BioSpin has been set up in memory of Ivano Bertini, who pioneered innovative methodologies in the field of NMR and championed technology integration as a foundation for correlative structural biology. The award recognises scientists who have undertaken frontier research utilising an integrative structural biology approach which aligns with the Instruct vision.

Nominations are invited for the Ivano Bertini Award 2015 for a significant achievement in any area of the biological sciences. Nominations must be submitted by 5pm (CET) 30th September 2014. Self nominations are not accepted.

The award will be given solely on the basis of excellence in research and must include structural data as a key component of the research achievement. The award recognises a clearly defined breakthrough (either in scientific knowledge or technology development) and is not for a lifetime achievement.

Eligible nominees:

Individual researchers whose work is conducted within European Member states or Third countries in the last 5 years (1st June 2009 to 31st May 2014).


A nomination must be supported by three Instruct members and must include:

A completed nomination form
CV of the proposed candidate or key members of the nominated research team
Statement from the proposer.

Instruct members are invited to submit nominations for this Award.

Selection of the Awardee:

A committee comprising members of the Instruct Executive Committee and external scientists from both the international Instruct review panel and the Instruct Independent Scientific Advisory Board will be responsible for selecting the awardee from the nominees.

The award will be announced at the Instruct Biennial Structural Biology Meeting 2015.

Awardees receive an unrestricted grant of €15000, a personalised certificate and will deliver a lecture at the Instruct Conference.

Please submit the nomination here.

You can submit only one nomination.