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CERM: a Center for Research, Transfer and Higher Education of the University of Florence
CERM and CIRMMP jointly run an NMR Infrastructure which is one of the most well-equipped NMR laboratories in the world
Instruct is a pan-European Research Infrastructure providing expertise and access to high quality instruments for structural cell biology researchers
Main and satellite activities of CERM/CIRMMP
Research Areas at CERM: 70 researchers engaged in a variety of fields are working at CERM
CERM offers an International Doctorate Structural Biology and typically hosts approximately 40 PhD students and post-docs
CERM has active collaborations with a number of industrial partners
CERM applies Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) to fundamental questions in the Life Sciences.
A wide range of high-field NMR instruments that allow users to study the structure and dynamics of large molecules both in solution- and solid-state are available.
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In memory of Stefano Caldarelli

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CERM joins the Magnetic Resonance Community in the mourning for the untimely loss of Stefano Caldarelli. Those of us who had the chance of getting to know Stefano, recall his incredibly sharp mind, which manifested itself in his broad scientific curiosity and in his brilliant humour. We at CERM have especially fond memories of his participation in several editions of the famous Chianti Workshops series, particularly in the last one in Grosseto in June 2018.
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