The call for admission to the PhD program in Structural Biology at the University of Florence can be found at when available (likely in summer).

General rules follow.


The administrative centre is CERM (Centro Risonanze Magnetiche, University of Florence);


Study period: 3 years;

ARTICLE 2: Conditions of admission

Entitled to present a request to take part in the competition, without any limits regarding age or citizenship, are all those who obtained  a Laurea Degree or an equivalent title from a foreign university not later than 31th October of the current year.

Those in possession of a foreign title from a non-EU country which has not already been declared equivalent to the Italian Laurea Degree should apply for a recognition of equivalence, addressed to the Board of Teachers of the Research PhD in Structural Biology, to be valid only for the purpose of being accepted into the Research PhD.

In such a case the candidates shall also enclose the documents necessary for the Board of Teachers to ascertain the equivalence of the title, officially translated by the Italian representatives in their country of origin.

An additional number of places are available for non-EU citizens who are already in possession of a scholarship and of a degree declared equivalent to a laurea for the purpose of being accepted into the Research PhD. Admission shall be decided case by case by the Board of Teachers.

ARTICLE 3: Application form

The application form shall be submitted using the web address

The candidates are required to contribute to the registration fee for an amount of € 30 according to the information provided in the application form.  Otherwise, the candidate is excluded from the contest.

In the application the candidate must specify, clearly and precisely, under his own responsibility:

-Surname and given name, date and place of birth, residence address and reference address for contest related mail. In the case of foreign citizens, they should give an address in Italy;


-The exact name of the Research PhD program for which the request is addressed;

-The Laurea title possessed, indicating the date and the University which awarded it, or the equivalent title received from a foreign university;

-An undertaking to attend courses full-time, as established by the Board of Teachers;

-The foreign languages spoken;

-An undertaking to communicate immediately any change of residence or reference address with respect to what previously indicated to the organisers of the contest.

Requests in which the name of the Research PhD program is not clearly indicated will not be considered.

The University administration does not assume any responsibility for any postal errors or from errors in the addresses that are not the fault of the Administration itself.

ARTICLE 4: Examination

The Examination board is nominated by the Rector. The examination aims to assess the aptitudes of the candidates towards scientific research within the field of interest related to the PhD Program.

In order to be admitted to the examination the candidates have to present a valid identity document.

A candidate is admitted to the oral examination provided he obtained a mark of at least 40/60 in the written part (curriculum and research project). The oral examination is passed provided a mark of at least 40/60 is obtained.

After each session of the oral examination, the Commission shall put the marks obtained by the candidates on display in the examination hall.

At the conclusion of all examinations the Commission will assess the final classification.

The official minutes of the examination are public documents; they are accessible according to the Italian law 241/1990.


ARTICLE 5: Admission to the PhD program

Candidates are admitted to the PhD program according to the classification order and within the limit of the available grants.

In the case of a candidate being accepted into more than one PhD program, the candidate must choose only one of them. This must be done within five days of the official notice.
If one of the successful candidates withdraws from the PhD program before the program begins another candidate may be selected according to the classification order.

Non-E.U. citizens that are not grant holders are admitted to the PhD program according to the same regulations as E.U. citizens.

In addition to the number of available grants other candidates that have passed the examination may be admitted to the PhD program, with the attribution of a research fellowship.

ARTICLE 6: Registration

Successful candidates must present the following documents within fifteen days of the official communication:

registration request on legal paper (available at>ricerca>dottorati di ricerca>bandi di concorso); 

2 photos;

signed photocopy of an identification card;

declaration of the payments detailed in article 7.

Candidates must specify in the registration request the following declarations:

- citizenship;

- date of attainment of the required academic qualification;

- not being registered in any other PhD program, nor in any other Master or degree program. Alternatively, they must declare they commit themselves to suspend their registration in the Master or ant other degree course until the completion of the PhD program.

- not having been grant holders within any other PhD program;

- not to cumulate the PhD grant with any other grants. Exceptions are made for grants offered by national or international institutions, aimed at supporting research activity performed abroad.

ARTICLE 9: Obligations of the PhD students

PhD students are enrolled full time. They must take part in all pertinent PhD courses and carry out full time learning and research activities, according to the modalities established by the Board of Teachers. They shall spend a period of their PhD training in at least one of the participating Universities, according to the modalities established by the Board of Teachers. They can be engaged, with no financial obligation on the side of the University, in teaching activities of a supportive nature upon the approval of the Board of Teachers. In the case of documented impediments that prevent full time PhD activities (illness, maternity, military obligations) the PhD student may request a temporary suspension of attendance to the PhD course, with a consequent interruption of the scholarship and prolongation of the PhD period.

ARTICLE 10: Obtainment of the title

The PhD title in Structural Biology of the University of Florence is obtained after a final examination, to be failed only once. The examination consists of a discussion of the dissertation written by the PhD candidate. The University takes care of depositing copies of the PhD thesis at the National Libraries of Florence and Rome. The PhD title in Structural Biology is recognized by the other participating Universities.

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