The CERM infrastructure provides a unique environment for research in the field of Bio-NMR, with an emphasis on structural biology.

The infrastructure is equipped with:

  • High field spectrometers equipped with cryoprobes (950 MHz TCI cryo, 900 MHz TCI cryo, 800 MHz TXI cryo, 700 MHz TCI cryo, 700 MHz TXO cryo)
  • Highest magnetic field available for Solid State NMR (850 MHz, UltraShielded UltraStabilized) with 1.3 mm and 3.2mm MAS probes for 13C, 15N and 1H detection.
  • Widest range of magnetic fields available which allows a user to combine both high resolution NMR (900 MHz) and relaxometry (down to 0.01 MHz).
  • BBO probes at 600 MHz for low frequency heteronuclei to meet the most disparate experimental needs.
  • Liquid handler system and autosamplers for metabonomics and ligand screening
  • Solid state NMR, particularly with microcrystalline samples
  • Unique expertise in paramagnetic systems, both in solution and solid-state.

Special accessories such as the high power probes (short hard pulse) at 600 and 800 MHz and prototype probeheads.
All of the high field NMR instruments are state-of-the-art digital spectrometers of the Bruker Avance series.


In addition to high field NMR spectrometers, the Florence infrastructure is equipped with several instruments to perform low-field NMR studies. A low-resolution instrument operating between 0.01 and 40 MHz is available.




The computing power (PC clusters and a large number of networked UNIX and Linux workstations) is continuously upgraded to satisfy the needs of scientists working on data processing, structure determination, data analysis, molecular modeling, docking, and MD simulations. Bioinformatics tools are available and are under development. Thanks to widespread international activities, a virtual lab is available to the users of CERM and Bio-NMR to perform calculations on the NMR-Life cluster of PCs.

The CERM Infrastructure offers access to companies and Public Research Institutions. This service is operated by local technical staff, and special agreements can be reached with partners. The Consorzio Internuniversitario Risonanze Magnetiche di Metallo Proteine Paramagnetiche (CIRMMP) provides some free access to Public Institutions and, for preliminary measurements, to companies. Click here to find out how to access to instrumentation