Welcome to Instruct-ITALIA

Instruct-ITALIA is the Italian Infrastructure for Integrated Structural Biology. It consists in a core of excellent research institutions and large centers that have a proven track record in structural biology and in service and expertise provision to users. Instruct-ITALIA aims to serve as a national consortium covering all main areas of structural biology research within Italy. It covers recombinant protein expression and characterization, macromolecular crystallography and small angle X-ray scattering, mass spectrometry, solution-state NMR and solid-state NMR, nanoscale microscopy, correlative and multimodal microscopy, and coordinates and provides access to platforms in these techniques.

National users can apply for access to Instruct-ITALIA requesting information through this link

For NMR access, users can directly apply to the CERM/CIRMMP platform using this form

Instruct-ITALIA is a key portal to facilities, training and networking through the ESFRI landmark Instruct-ERIC supported programmes.