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CERM: a Center for Research, Transfer and Higher Education of the University of Florence
CERM and CIRMMP jointly run an NMR Infrastructure which is one of the most well-equipped NMR laboratories in the world
Instruct is a pan-European Research Infrastructure providing expertise and access to high quality instruments for structural cell biology researchers
Main and satellite activities of CERM/CIRMMP
Research Areas at CERM: 70 researchers engaged in a variety of fields are working at CERM
CERM offers an International Doctorate Structural Biology and typically hosts approximately 40 PhD students and post-docs
CERM has active collaborations with a number of industrial partners
CERM applies Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) to fundamental questions in the Life Sciences.
A wide range of high-field NMR instruments that allow users to study the structure and dynamics of large molecules both in solution- and solid-state are available.
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In Memory of Heinz Rueterjans

All of us at CERM are very sorry for the loss of Heinz Rueterjans (1936-2020). Heinz Rueterjans, Emeritus Professor of Biophysical Chemistry at the University of Frankfurt, was a pioneer in the field of structural biology... 

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